Crew Member Nomination

by Brett

Brett collects the payment at the drive through and is so sweet and nice. He’s a teen or early20’s but he’s the politest kid I’ve ever met.  He always says welcome and thanks for coming back.  He always ask how you are and if you have any plans.  My son is autistic & doesn’t always sleep well and he had one of those nights were he was up till 4am and I was exhausted.  Brett instantly new how tired I was and as always asked how I was, hoped to see me again, and said hopefully you can get some rest. I asked for his name then he asked for mine and said I’ll try and remember your name but thanks for asking and I’ll see you soon.  He’s just so lovely in the mornings. I stop at the De Pere location almost every morning after I drop my son off for therapy.  He really makes my day and starts it off right.  He’s always so very sweet and nice.  I’ve never seen him upset.  I wish more people would puke be like Brett! He definitely needs a raise. 

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