Crew Member Nomination

by Marlon

I frequent this location often and myself and my kids are pretty well known. On one particular occasion I was having a bad day and my son decided to pay for lunch. Marlon greeted us with a smile and noticed that I was not my normal self. He thanked my son for being a gentleman and asked him what he wanted to do with his life as he got older. My son said he was hoping to make it into the NBA. Marlon told my son don't hope...go out there and make it a reality! You can be anything you want and when you make it big don't forget about the awesome mom who helped you get there. He brought a smile to my face and made my day a little bit brighter. He refers to me and my family as very valued customers and always thanks us for coming in. We love seeing him whenever we make a trip there. He's definitely a very good employee and deserves all the praise. 

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