Crew Member Nomination

by Mrs. D

Mrs. D is just such a nice woman (I'm sorry I don't have her full name).  My friend and I come in once a month for coffee and she greets us and is just so warm and inviting.  We are excited to see her and she quickly gets us our coffees and gives us her big smile like we've known her our whole lives.  We often talk about her outside of McDonalds (Mrs. D!!) and stopped going to our normal place (which has a nice outside area which we typically prefer in the warmer weather) largely because of our allegiance to her.  I also have now started going to this Concord McDonalds to meet local people because of her presence.  She brings us refills in store when needed without asking (even with the busy drive-through) like we really matter.  We went the other morning and she wasn't there that morning (bummer!!), and when we mentioned this to the (nice) employee we talked with, she said she missed Mrs. D not being there that AM too.  She's a star!  You're lucky to have her and so are we.

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