Crew Member Nomination

by John u

I have gone to McDonalds daily for years and have observed lots of stressful situations occurring.  Customers are not always patient. There seems to always be pressure to move faster and faster.  Some of the crew can get very overwhelmed and tearful at times.  So when I see managers going above and beyond to help their crew be successful, It warms my heart.  Tonight I saw John (manager) helping the crew members he was supervising to laugh and smile while they worked.  Having a sense of humor, even when it is tough, can make stressful situations much more manageable.   John is firm when he needs to be, gives clear directions to staff, and knows when his crew just need to release pressure with laughter.  Being a therapist by trade, the mental health and wellbeing of others is super important to me.   As a result, seeing a leader take the time to care for his crew and help them to cope with stress in positive ways, makes my day.  Way to go John!

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