Crew Member Nomination

by Meg

Meg is an
excellent crew member at my local McDonalds which I think is the best
McDonalds. She has worked at the local McDonalds for years.  I just happened to see her one morning and I
told her I had missed her.  She told me
that she was on the prep crew now so we don’t get to see each other as
much.  She told the person at the window
to tell me “Hi!” one morning.  She seems
to really enjoy her job and takes pride in her work. She comes across as a very
sweet person.  I imagine that she has a
difficult job giving the excellent fast service that I get the benefit of
almost every morning when I come by to get my coffee.  She always has a
smile or pleasant expression on her face.  She seems to take all the
activity that is surrounding her in stride and efficiency. I think she does a
fantastic job and should be recognized.  

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