Crew Member Nomination

by Martin and Debbie

I was already planning on calling the management office to shout out these two, but I'm glad to have the chance to share with McD's corporate. Today, I want to recognize two great personalities, Martin and Debbie. In the evenings, Martin works the pay window and Debbie hands out the orders. I come through this drive through very often, and both of them have consistently GREAT and friendly personalities. They clearly take pride in doing their best, and make me feel valued as a customer. They are always there, always working hard, and always pleasant. I come to this location often, because my mom absolutely is not only a Coca-Cola fanatic (she has a collection of memorabilia!), but adores McDonald's Cokes specifically. My mom has been battling stage III lung cancer for a few years, along with end-stage COPD for longer, and Cokes from this location are her favorite. I'm glad to bring her her favorite treats, and Martin and Debbie help me to brighten my mom's day every time!

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