Crew Member Nomination

by Madeline S

I noticed your request for crew stories last time in your restaurant and wanted to mention Madeline…and how much I always appreciate her being behind the counter. I don’t know her last name or position BUT I believe she’s been an employee for 17 or 18 years. A coworker and I usually find our way in to our nearest location a minimum of once a week and sometimes more… and she seems to always be working. We also know if she is working that we’ll be met with a smile,  a quick hello and  someone that will make sure our order is correct. In todays fast food environment that is not always the case. She is a great credit to whoever manages or owns the franchise.I would also like to add that I even ran in to her as I was entering a local big-box store… she was with her grandchildren and I mentioned I was running in for something quick - when I told her why, she actually told me she had just seen the item and told me where! So… not only a nice employee of yours…she’s a nice person PERIOD!

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