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Love for the McDonald’s Crew in Chula Vista, California, starts at a young age; for 7-year-old Ariany, she penned her “heroes” at McDonald’s a sweet letter of thanks:

“McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant. I feel like an angel when I go there. The restaurant looks like heaven. It makes me feel happy, like I’m floating on a cloud.”

The heroes of Chula Vista alongside Owner/Operator, Jill Lindstedt, couldn’t let Ariany down, so they responded in style by bringing free Happy Meals® to Ariany and her whole class. During the lunch visit, Ariany personally handed out gift bags to every Crew member, which included tickets to see the local major baseball team play. What a heartwarming circle of gratitude.

Thank you, Chula Vista Crew!

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Thank you Vestavia Hills crew – group photo
Becoming the Highlight of a Customer’s Day
The inviting Crew at Vestavia Hills, Alabama is what makes McDonald’s so special. They take everyday, ordinary moments with customers and turn them into magical experiences. To thank Crew for being thoughtful, present and in the moment with customers, Owner/Operator, Jamie Black, celebrated with a party and waterpark tickets to make memories with their own families too.

Thank You, Vestavia Hills Crew!
Thank you Gabe
The Power of Positivity
With an infectious smile and a positive attitude to boot, Gabe has worked at McDonald’s for two years, since he was 16 years old. He’s known for his fast and accurate service, and for being an inspiration to all customers while on shift in Homewood, Alabama.

Thank You, Gabe!
Thank you Matt!
Raising the Bar on Customer Service
Compassionate. Sensitive. Understanding. These are just a few words that describe Matt, who goes above and beyond to look out for his customers in Rochester, New York, going so far as to bringing drinks out to this favorite customer’s car:

Thank You, Matt!
Thank you Chula Vista Restaurant crew – group photo
Serving More than Just Happy Meals®
Love for the McDonald’s crew in Chula Vista, California, starts at a young age; for 7-year-old Ariany, she penned her “heroes” at McDonald’s a sweet letter of thanks:

Thank You, Chula Vista Crew!
Thank you Alfredo
A Heart-Stopping Day on the Job
All superheroes have one thing in common: they are known for saving lives of those around them. When a Crew member suddenly collapsed at a Tulsa, Oklahoma, restaurant, fellow Crew member, Alfredo, jumped into action, immediately starting chest compressions.

Thank You, Alfredo!
Thank you Lily
The Surprise Drive-By of a Lifetime
Lily has been the heart and soul of her team in Florence, South Carolina, for the last decade. As a passionate NASCAR fan, the Owner/Operators of the Greater Carolinas surprised Lily with the encounter of a lifetime when racing legend, Kurt Busch, crashed her shift and gave her tickets for a NASCAR experience she’ll never forget:

Thank You, Lily!
Thank you Jamie
Celebrating a Quarter of a Century in the Crew
For some, 25 years is just a number. For Jamie, it’s 25 years of smiles, good vibes and being a wonderful start to her customers’ days. The Owner/Operators of the Costa Enterprises organization and its executive staff celebrated 25 years of Jamie at their Bluewater Bay, Florida, McDonald’s with cake and a special lunch where they unveiled a plaque in her honor.

Thank You, Jamie!
Thank you Mama McDonald’s
When a Manager Becomes a Second Mom
They don’t call her “Mama McDonald’s” for nothing! Andrea started working as a McDonald’s manager after moving to Massachusetts to be closer to her family- only to find a whole new family in the process. Since her first day in 2019, Restaurant Assistant Manager Andrea’s loving leadership style has cemented her as a mother figure to her young crew in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Thank you, Andrea!
Thank you Atlanta crew – group photo
A Special “Little Nugget” Delivery
When customers needed them most, this Atlanta McDonald’s Crew delivered - literally! Sha’querria, Keisha and Tunisia took customer care to new heights when they helped an expecting mother give birth in their restaurant.

Thank You, Atlanta Crew!
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