Crew Member Nomination

Crew Member Nomination

by Monica C

Hello! I’m writing to share an excellent experience I had
with Monica.


Monica was so wonderful. I’m new to a smartphone and she
taught me with ease how to scan a McD reward from the app and didn’t make me
like an idiot, as I’m often feeling with this smartphone transition. She had
such great energy and enthusiasm and she made me feel so happy. I even forgot
part of my order and didn’t know until I had gotten home and when I returned
she greeted and joked with me as she gave me the order I forgot.


She’s so good! I can’t remember the last time I felt this
positive about an experience that normally just feels indifferent. We were even
making others laugh with us and I’d like to think that everyone around us also
left in high esteem. Exceptional! Please pass this positive feedback to her.
This is the stuff that not only retains customers but it grants opportunity to
tell these unique stories that make even just a trip to McD’s unique to other restaurant competitors.

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