Crew Member Nomination

by Melissa

It was a busy evening and there were so many customers in the restaurant for the dinner rush. The entire crew was working nonstop. I ordered a Happy Meal for my daughter and when it came in a regular happy meal box instead of the pumpkin bucket, I knew she would be sad and heartbroken. Melissa, who maintained a very calm demeanor throughout the dinner rush while providing advice and guidance to the less seasoned staff members took a moment to notice my disappointment when I asked if there were any Halloween buckets left. She went the extra mile to help me locate and find one! My daughter is over the moon, and I'm thankful for her kindness. It was also impressive to witness her captain the ship, so to speak, and be so kind and patient to her coworkers and customers. I wish her the best, and she deserves all the recognition and appreciation! 

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